Building Management System

Building Management System(BMS) or Building Automation System(BAS) have become essential with the emergence of expanding infrastructure, the growth in corporate buildings, and the general development of a nation or region. As a result, they are installed without fail. Our commercial building management solutions are made to simplify living and increase safety and energy efficiency. BMS system is widely utilized for access control in business buildings as well. A specific area or room of a building’s premises can be automatically allowed for only the authorized individual to enter using BMS.

We use a variety of motion detectors and monitoring tools to provide you full access to this sophisticated building management software. Change the temperature, adjust the air conditioning, or remotely or automatically turn off the power to the entire facility.

We can handle every aspect of your BMS project. For new construction, renovations, and system updates, Al Atkaal can supply the best equipment that utilize the most recent BMS energy-saving technologies. Our experts can provide a dependable, affordable solution whether it’s a standalone, pre-programmed BMS or a multi-building system. With the least possible impact on your staff, services, and business operations.