PA/GA Systems

Public address General alarm systems, or PAGA systems, are equipped with immediate or recorded audio announcements as well as a warning tone for emergencies like fires and gas leaks. These are typically utilized in industrial facilities, oil rigs, noisy environments, etc., when site inductions contain descriptions of site warnings.

The PA/GA industry application is a crucial system for personnel safety and needs to be fully functional in an emergency to allow for a facility’s safe evacuation, therefore a field-tested design must be offered. Al Atkaal is designed, build and supplied to meet or exceed the standards for a trustworthy PA/GA system, that protects lives.


It often includes amplifiers, speakers, beacons, and access panels, and in many instances, it is combined with other emergency systems like fire and gas, access control systems, and POB systems as well as other communication systems like PABX and UHF/TETRA radios.

Using loudspeakers, the PA/GA broadcasts alarm tones, prerecorded messages, emergency voice messages, and routine voice messages to all or a portion of the facility. Voice messages and audible alarms are supplemented by flashing lights (beacons) in environments with a lot of background noise.

Through specialized hardwired connections between the two systems, alarms can be started manually from any of the dedicated access panels or automatically from the main panel of the fire alarm and gas detection system or emergency shutdown system. Voice messages can be produced using either the telephones in the facility or the microphones at certain access panels.