CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Al-Atkaal offers the most modern & affordable security solutions for all your CCTV needs, With a range of cameras & accessories, including IP and analog CCTV. Our CCTV surveillance systems are reliable and advanced yet simple to use. Our extensive selection of solutions enables you to make the most appropriate and cost-effective decision while monitoring and protecting you against a wide range of difficulties from various industries and users.

We offer a comprehensive selection of personalized and safe CCTV solutions for both indoor and outdoor security. CCTV surveillance solution is the entry point for safeguarding and keeping an eye on your assets. CCTV surveillance systems may record and capture security misfortune from a wide range of incidents. Al-Atkaal CCTV camera solution is the best choice for you if you’re looking for experts to protect your assets. Our company is one of the best cctv camera suppliers in Saudi arabia and also provides the best cctv installation services.


Security Access Control Systems

Access control is one of the best ways for you to get peace of mind when it comes to securing your house or place of business as well as the people who live or work there. Access control, however, helps you properly safeguard your assets, and data from many types of invaders and goes well beyond just allowing people to enter your premises.

For your facility, Al- Atkaal provide a variety of access control solutions. We offer the solution, whether you need a standalone or fully integrated system. We are able to offer the most modern and economical security access control solutions. For applications ranging from corporate and government to residential properties, we offer comprehensive, integrated access control systems and a wide selection of scalable technologies that provide safety, security, and convenience.

The application of access control solutions will result in the assurance of the highest level of security in both internal and external locations. We will thoroughly research your company while working on the access control services and make recommendations for the best kind of access control system to be deployed. We can select a wall-mounted card reader, a sophisticated biometric access control system, a pin-type access control system, or a fingerprint reader depending on the needs. All your needs can be fulfilled by actually knowing your requirements and we will try our best to meet your requirements impressively. There are various access control system options on the market, and the infrastructure of an access control system will vary according on its application, its intended location, and the amount of complicity. We are more than confident enough that we will provide our esteemed customers with the best in the industry.

Electronic access control systems are a sort of digital network that restricts entry to a certain restricted area for unauthorized individuals and emits a loud alert so that the appropriate authority is made aware of the attempted unlawful access and can take appropriate action.