Installation Services

  • Local Area Network (LAN) / Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Network and information Security
  • Wireless LAN – WiFi
  • Video Conferencing system
  • Data networking / IP Telephony
  • FTTR/H solution.

Our service providing in communication and IT covers designing, procural, supply, installation, testing, authorization and support of below systems. We have a tendency to tend to figure thoughtfully with our customers to create positive of their needs and supply them the best solutions. Leading our shoppers through a palmly project involves showing them the step from conception to completion that is reaching to support within the finish.


The first factor we have a tendency to layout in commission is designing from selecting our stakeholders in our project, listing all the business communication things, developing the arrange as per your needs, finding the most effective answer which will meet our client desires and at last putting in effect to maintaining the service as needed. The approach are the backbone of our arrangement and that we believe the same are taken for the longer term.

We follow the primary category of style principles deals with effective product and conjointly our style principles facilitate the team and also the purchasers with high cognitive process and also the effective production of upshot. We tend to apply them after you choose, produce and organize components and options in your work. Our style principles represent the accumulated knowledge of researchers and practitioners in style and connected fields.

Our acquisition method includes to techniques, structured ways, and suggests that accustomed stream line your organization’s acquisition method and attain desired results whereas saving price, reducing time, and building win-win provider relationships.

We provide absolute installation service for Local Area Network (LAN) / Wide Area Network (WAN) Wireless LAN – Wifi, information networking/ information processing telephone, video conferencing system and network and data security and even wireless networks.

Our testing services to your software product and a lot of manage over the software system production method. It helps you to create a high quality, competitive software system program or application within the market. At Atkaal, our specialists in authorization services and manangement will assist you to stay at the management and assemple your instrumentation and make sure that any risks are managed effectively. Our technological advancements, virtually something nowadays in business is driven by the net and data technology. However, managing IT services is not ant straightforward task. It involves sure functionalities that need sophistication, finesse and experience. Luckily, Al Atkaal It system services out there are able to facilitate business maintain and manage your internal native space network(LAN)/ Wide space network(WAN), Wireless LAN-LAN, information networking/scientific discipline telecom, video conferencing system. Thus, it is safe to mention that organizations are going to be supported at the simplest to secure their IT functions so as to extend productivity and potency. Al Atkaal, the leading belden cable supplier in Saudi Arabia provides high quality belden cables, copper / fiber / UTP cables, subduct cables etc.

Structured Cabling Systems

ISP Cabling Works

  • Cable pulling & splicing, Cable termination and testing (copper and fiber)
  • Conduit& cable tray installation
  • Horizontal & Backbone cable pulling (copper & fiber)
  • Installation of grounding bars, equipment racks, cabinets, raised floor and patch panels

OSP Cabling Works

  • FOC Cable Pulling (FTTH)
  • Termination, Splicing, & Testing of Copper & Fiber Optic Cable
  • Installation of Pedestals, Cross Connect Boxes, Interface Devices and Terminal Housing