How we innovate

We provide innovative solutions to expand your business. We firmly believe that innovation plays a major role in upholding our core values. Our goal is to offer you high-quality innovative services that recognize measurable benefits. We never limit our workers in building ideas, we value the ideas of our employees the most, and with their innovative ideas and passion for the industry, we can find the best innovative practices within our security industry



Al-Atkaal always strives to ensure a safe and harmonious environment for people, communities and employees. Al-Atkaal uses every opportunity to join the military and implement our sustainability policy in and around the company to eliminate any form of discrimination, regardless of gender. Race, ethnicity, occupation, etc. We are committed to ensuring better environmental, health and safety standards that enable us to make a positive impact on a globalized society in general.

Quality policy

Al-Atkaal ensures the best and the best solution that works perfectly by making a detailed study of your basic needs and ensuring the solid results that our studies produce. We ensure that we provide the best quality to our clients by choosing one of the best combinations of research we do in your space and evaluating the internal quality. Modern problems cannot be solved using classic technologies; Instead, a modernized solution is needed to overcome the problem. Al-Atkaal provides an accurate and realistic service that motivates you to choose modern solutions to modern problems. We always support and encourage our staff to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology so that we can better serve our clients.

HSE Policy

Al-Atkaal’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy is to meet the health and safety requirements including all applicable codes, standards and regulations. Subsequently, our Occupational Health & Safety Management System is certified to comply with the latest version of ISO-45001 and ISO-14001 standards.

The management shall vigorously pursue safety of operations, materials, workmen and environment. Necessary and reasonable resources shall be taken to safeguard environment and health of personnel and third parties directly involved, by providing a safe working environment.

QAQC Policy

Attaining highest level of client satisfaction is the main objective of our Quality Assurance policy. Subsequently, our Quality Management System is certified to comply with the latest version of ISO-9001 standards.

Al-Atkaal is dedicated to offer to all its clients’ high-quality products, solutions and services that truly correspond to what they need, based on a philosophy of continuous improvement and personal attention to clients. By promoting accountability and autonomy, Management expects all employees will contribute to this continuous improvement process.


We are committed to provide an efficient, positive working environment to all our employees, giving them opportunity to improve their skills, aptitude and providing them adequate career growth whenever possible.

All employees are selected and recruited based upon their attitude, skill, competency, and aptitude. The dignity of all employees is respected by the management team and fellow employees.