The lighting control system

Smart Lighting Control systems are more crucial than ever. Up to 20% of the electricity used in a commercial building is used for lighting, making effective lighting control throughout the facility a crucial tool in cutting energy waste. Light control not only aids in energy conservation, but we are also learning more about how indoor settings influence human behaviour and improve everything from productivity to learning. Al Atkaal offers a perfect solution when you wish to benefit from lighting control developments without a full refit.

Advanced lighting control systems are often installed in new construction and are frequently combined with a broader building automation system for things like remote switching, light scheduling, security lighting, light timers, and much more.

The GRMS (Guest Room Management System)

A Guest Room Management System or short GRMS, offers an innovative and efficient method of controlling lighting, heating and cooling (AC), drapes, audio (AV), and other services.

Our goal is to offer you control-oriented, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. Using the most recent technologies, a GRMS can be placed in both newly constructed buildings and existing structures. Without rewiring everything, new installations could be added (depending on the existing installation). For a better overall guest experience, our control solutions also cover hotel and room services, lighting, air conditioning, audio visual, access control, and energy management. Our guest room management systems are all linked to a powerful server and equipped with advanced technology.